Adventures in Household Management, #1

Retirement has some odd benefits. I have much more time to be curious about our household operations, for example, and have begun to implement Tayloresque time management experiments as a result. Questions worth investigating: Are there advantages to sorting our Fine Cooking magazines by season instead of chronologically? Could the front hall closet be put to a better use than being the home of the vacuum cleaner? Will I dust more frequently if we have a duster on every floor?

I was cleaning the bathroom last weekend using my usual kiss and promise style, when my efficiency-expert curiosity was piqued by our toothbrush holder.

Just to be clear: there are two of us living under this roof. But somehow, our toothbrush holder never reflects that.

Ken uses an electric toothbrush that has its own holder. So one might think that there would be only one other toothbrush floating around, and we could possibly eliminate the second holder, creating more space and one fewer items to clean. But check it out.

Four regular brushes, two small special brushes, and a gum massager. What the heck?

I thought maybe the extras were left behind by forgetful guests, but no. I checked with my dear partner, and Ken apparently needs seven dental instruments plus floss to keep his teeth pearly white and cavity-free. So no efficiencies there. The teeth want what the teeth want.

The seasonal sorting of the magazines works brilliantly though. Nothing better than having all fall recipes in one place.

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