Brothers, Sooke BC

We have been camped out for five days at Sooke, BC with Ken’s brother Cam (see below—it’s great to hang out with blood relatives and see all the endearing qualities of your spouse in duplicate).

Cam and his wife Gloria have a great place right on Sooke Harbour that is a total testimonial to outdoor living and to the athleticism of their three kids—all grown up now but still climbing, hiking, basketball and soccer playing giants.

Their sprawling yard is an outdoor playground…with climbing wall…

all manner of water sport equipment…and a giant swing set

Also a basketball hoop, a couple of airstream trailers, all the camping equipment you could imagine, a tiny house cabin and even a concert stage.

Pretty easy to see why their home was the hangout for all their friends (and in fact one lovely friend, Mason, who is Millie’s age, was there when we were).

For those of you who know Kenny well, you will recognize shared sibling qualities in the photos of Cam’s shop below. The love of wood is everywhere.

Have a look at this log close up…definitely a keeper. The items shrouded above are spectacular BMW motorbikes…Cam is pretty cool.

He also likes wooden door handles, just like big brother…

And Cam is definitely ingenious. His brilliance in reusing and recycling figures prominently in Gloria’s garden. Have you ever seen a better use for old kitchen sinks? These seedling beds are at waist height, perfect for ease of use.

And the irrigation system boggled my mind…

More on this fantastic place and our adventures here soon.

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