Calgary In September

Calgary is a city of Kenny’s past, though here he goes by Kenneth. We’re staying with Ken’s eldest brother David and his lovely partner Kathy. Together they run a very successful flooring business, aided by their two children, Shaley and James. Ken worked with Dave in the late ’70s —when Dave owned a different chain of carpet stores—but according to Kenny legend, he was fired when he drove his motorcycle through one of the stores (later re-hired, so all ended well). We visited the store this morning —it’s lovely, and in a plaza owned by Ontario Teachers Pension Plan so a few of my readers have a stake in its success. Ken’s brother is ten years older than him, but you sure can’t tell that by looking at him.

This afternoon we cycled through Fish Creek Provincial Park, a huge urban park that’s spectacular in the fall. The yellows and golds are deep and rich—different tones than those in Ontario. You’ll see that I cycled so fast Ken had to take a nap.

We’re resting tonight and will tackle the mountains tomorrow.

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