Classic Couple Communication—Nanton, Alberta

Ken was able to get a 75 km bike ride today—inadvertently. We spent the morning driving west through ranch land— just us, a few cattle and horses, and the wind. Ken was hoping for a tail wind, but the wind direction kept shifting and he decided that he would just miss his exercise today.

We hadn’t been out of the car all day, so I suggested we stop in Nanton, and I would do a half hour walk while Ken hopped on his bike. Had a lovely time exploring this little town—met a Trent alum who knew Washboard Hank, kept myself from buying cowboy boots, and enjoyed a cappuccino. Returned to our agreed upon meeting place (at least in my mind) and waited. Forty minutes later, Ken still hadn’t returned so I called him. Where are you? he asked.

Waiting for you at the truck. Where are you? He was almost in Calgary. In Ken’s mind, I was to have started driving forty minutes ago and to have caught up with him.

Well, I jumped in the truck and chased him into Calgary (divided highway, three lanes, speed limit 110 with most cars driving 130). Overtook him in a strip mall about five minutes from our evening destination.

We need to talk more, obviously. But meanwhile, here’s Nanton. Live music at this little place below…

Commemoration of the bombers who died in the 2nd world war …

And a prairie twist on the little library.

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