Kitchen Reno Love--Valentine's Day Update

When Ken and I decide to test the strength of our relationship in retirement, we don't mess around. Six-week road trips, month-long isolation over Christmas in a locked-down city where the only person we know is our Covid-ridden daughter, and now the most widely acknowledged test of true love: kitchen renovation.

We're at the most irritating stage right now, the feared "no running water" step, just in time for Valentine's Day. Very discouraging for whipping up that special, just the two of us VD dinner, I must say (as is the fact that the countertop measuring person is coming during dinner prep time). We are now fully accustomed to having a breakfast station in our living room, and retrieving pots and pans from their new location in front of the fireplace, but Ken had worked wizardry thus far to keep the dishwasher and sink intact, so no running water is a new test of our patience.

Here's how our reno is transforming our home.

Ahh, the breakfast nook. Toaster and cutting board tastefully displayed below our treasured Marilyn Gosselin painting. It's not a great setup if you're trying to avoid late-night snacking--just too easy to retrieve that new loaf from Hard Winter Bakery.

Note the NDP sign in the background. That I am employing it as a cutting board for shelf liner is no indication of a shift in political allegiances, but rather a genius re-use hack.

And here we have our old kitchen sink attractively placed on our coffee table. The rot you can see around the taps is a good indication of how badly we needed to get this renovation done, but it makes for very unappetizing Netflix binging.

And yep, there it is. No sink. Just where you would expect to find it, a smooth piece of plywood instead. Dishwasher isn't connected either. We don't even have a dishpan, so I am using our largest plastic bowl to wash up. I know I could buy one, but adding more plastic to our world doesn't sit well.

But using the downstairs bathroom for scrubbing out coffee cups is only a temporary detour on our path to a well-functioning kitchen. Check out our new corner cupboard for pots and pans. A place for everything....and who knows, maybe my retired status will permit for everything to stay in its place. Those of you who know me well--please stop laughing.

And following the old William Morris adage to have nothing in our house that we do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful, there are a few gorgeous bits as well. Thus far, my favourite are the hand-made drawer knobs that Ken has turned. They're little wooden gems that make me smile, each one unique, and they feel so lovely on your fingers.

In fact, I realize, they're the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Made with creativity, skill, and a little whimsy, they're a great reminder of what I love about Ken--like the drawer pulls, he's reliable, a permanent fixture, but he makes life a little easier and a brings a little joy each and every day. What more could anyone ask for?

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