Master Gardener Dawne

You know when you marry into a family, there is always at least one relative who is accomplished in almost every way imaginable? For me, that was Ken’s sister Dawne. In 1983, when I started to date Ken, she was a PhD, a practising psychologist, an amazing cook, a camper and kayaker who had built her own computer and owned not only her own house but rental properties as well.

She also had a green thumb, and her back yard on Murray Street (backing on to Jackson Creek) was full of plant surprises. I could have learned so much from her, but Peterborough couldn’t hold her.

Dawne moved to Victoria shortly after Ken and I married, buying what we now call a mid-century modern bungalow on the water in Victoria. It was sad to have her leave—she was a huge support to Ken starting his business—and they get along really well. Here they are, chatting about cycling.

Dawne still lives in the same house, and that has made it possible for the property to be a showcase for her gardening expertise. Quince…




And how is this for a sweet backyard view?

We’re being totally spoiled here with fresh produce and excellent food—but it’s a road trip so we will need to move on shortly.

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