T@gging Along: September 7, 2021

Just a little northeast of Zanesville (another road trip adventure story of the Avery-Yates household, circa 2016) lies Sugar Creek, Ohio, population 2,200, home to the world's largest cuckoo clock--and to NuCamp industries, which builds the t@g trailer that will be our home on wheels for six weeks.

Tiny perfect emblems of good design and quality craftsmanship, t@g trailers are small, solar-powered, and easy to tow. They have lights where you want lights. They have cool black-out blinds on their windows. They have doors on both sides, giving his/hers entrances. And their provenance seems virtuous. Videos from the NuCamp assembly line highlight Amish women in simple mid-calf dresses, long blonde hair pulled back, wielding power tools. I love the notion that these little trailers are bringing jobs to a rust-belt state, even as they cater to a 21st century traveller whose top priority is an i-phone charger.

When we saw the t@g trailer in the photo above, owned by friends Su and Ian, we fell in love. Impulsively, we asked, "Do you think you might ever be willing to rent it?" Kind, thoughtful, and generous, they responded positively to our plea, and we have thus been saved from weeks of tent camping or bad roadside motels.

T@gs, we have discovered, are people magnets, in the same way babies are--tiny bundles of cuteness that inspire smiles and curiosity. Can you imagine a trailer that the university students next door admire? That's the t@g. We have become the cool seniors in our neighbourhood--and we haven't even hit the road.

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