Winnipeg Images Day 2

Took an early morning walk on Sunday while Ken cycled. Here’s what I saw.

I love the tree-lined residential streets. I feel like there is no Ontario equivalent. Nobody in this neighborhood (Crescentwood—much like the Avenues in Ptbo)—has turned their boulevard into a garden, but lots of front-lawn raised beds.

Also lots of political awareness. NDP and Green signs predominate, and Wab Kinew also features prominently.


Made it to Osborne Village…where I found my own political statement.

Finally, meandered into River Heights via Ruskin Row and past Peanut Park (the names—I know!) to the site of Ken’s family home. Sadly, it has been torn down—the stucco house in the photo is its replacement. His house was Tudor like the one on the left.

Now to breakfast at Salisbury House—Sals to the locals and home of the nip.

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