Winnipeg Respite

We’re staying put for a few days, in real Kenny-land, among people who knew Ken when he was a skinny little kid. One of them is Rob Fogg, longtime friend who is super generous with his time and his home.

This afternoon we wound our way along the Red River to Ken’s birthplace—Lockport, Manitoba. Apparently, you can’t visit this area without having a hotdog so we stopped at Skinner’s — serving hot dogs since 1929.

Across the road was an incredible engineering feat—the Selkirk carerre dam bridge. It lets the spring freshet through with a series of wooden curtains. The bridge was built at the start of the 20th century to solve an environmental problem. Can’t help but think we can muster this level of ingenuity now to tackle climate change. We closed the afternoon with a visit to the Little Britain church. Ken’s mom and younger brother (forever seventeen) rest there, along with Rhiannon Gilbart’s great-grandparents, among the Garry oaks.

Tomorrow we will spend another day in Winnipeg—more old friends to see.

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